I suppose you can see the theme with the pictures

As you can see: My feet while I’m in the car on my way home (i.e. New York). Got a little messy when we stopped @ Shoney’s. That’s strawberry syrup. I also saw a couple of asses I know my bi-ahh chick(Let me not get in the habit of saying that, or typing it where she may get offended until we speak on it) would enjoy. One of which is a date of my uncles, and I get to see it every day while I’m here :-D. Baby you should see her in this green dress….you will….trust me, babe, you will. I know my girl loves Ms. Ford, so I tried to get her pic off of a couple buses, but to no avail. Oh well. The wedding (I came for a wedding, by the way. Did I mention that?) was in BK so I took a pic of Kings Plaza. Atleast what I could see because of the bus (bad luck with buses). I’m never in BK, or out of Queens for that matter, cause my fam is in QU, so I stay in QU. And of course, me in the limo stuntin..
I don’t have friends and foes
I have family and enimies
K.O.R.T. -4- Life
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