Whatever I think in my mind’s what I write when I rhyme….I’m The TRUTH

sometimes i sit down, review the suffer and strife
the wills and the wonts, the maybes dos and donts of my life
i try to walk a fine line
to humble myself and keep my cool
cause crushed grapes turn into fine wine
if you dont get the concept or understand it yet
your life has been good
no one has done you damage yet
my pain stems from my father, that niggas a lame
the only time he contacts me is for personal gain
leave me alone, that man
tried to come back into my life
im more mature than that grown ass man
age 2 to 18 i barely knew i had a father
i did well up to 20, so i guess ill go on without him
after that my mom married some murderous nigga
you do dirt you get dirt, somebody murdered that nigga
if he lived i would have done it myself
the only thing i learned is not to live for myself
i live for my niggas

holla front, ill holla back

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