Support vs Pressure

I’ve come to the realization that you can show too much support. And, in exercising too much support, its pressure. I’m guilty of it. You never know what you’re doing has an adverse affect on the person to whom you’re directing all you’re support/pressure( lets call it presport) until whatever youre presporting them to do fall through the cracks of frustration and unwillingness(if that conjugation exists). What’s more, if you’re presporting someone with multiple decisions, its that much worse when everything you’re trying to put positive energy into is turned into a negative outcome. When this happens enough, supportivity(another made up word for the sake of argument, and for lack of a better word. Get used to it) is discouraging. Though, you don’t want to NOT be supportive. How do you achieve the perfect amount of support without looking like you’re being pushy? Or is it that in these cases you’re actually supporting someone to do something they didn’t want to do in the first place, and its a slap in the face to be encouraged to do it? I’m confused. Is it so important for some people to appease someone that they’ll just go along with anything? I try to support realistic things, especially when it concerns me, and I wouldn’t do anything that I discern as “regrettable,” on purpose, but apparently some people will. And if it is so the case (that you do something that you didn’t wanna do from jump street, and are encouraged to do it), who should you be upset with? Its pressure in your shoes, support in the other persons; however, you brought it on yourself, right?
Is it just pure pressure, regardless. That is, even if its something that you wanna do, whole-heartedly, that much support will be read as unneeded pressure?

And in both cases, should one feel guilty after learning that it was pressure and not the intended support?
I think that’s 7 questions, so how about 7 answers?

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