Captain Save-the-day

I’ve always thought it my responsibility to do what I can to help others when I can, and sometimes when I feel like it. Apparently, this has gotten me into trouble I could have avoided, had I not been going out of my way to be Captain Save-the-day. I was once told “if I have a problem, don’t help unless I ask you for it.” I ignored it; ergo, more trouble. I guess I just have this thing where I try to take on other people’s problems, so it won’t be so bad on them. Some things are hard enough to handle, but doing it by yourself can make it worse. I think if you try to help before you’re asked, its just that friend initiative. That’s what friends do, or atleast what I think they should. Moreover, I love when people think that much of me to do it. I feel like, when you’re that close to someone, their problems are yours (because if it’ll affect you thru them anyway). I guess I can’t be wrong, cause its an opinion, and someting I try to live by, but it sure doesn’t feel like the right thing to do when theres always turmoil when you do it. Well, even though its out of character, I think I’ll do it. From now on (maybe not forever) I’ll see how much trouble comes from me listening to other people, instead of my gut. Go ahead, tell me a problem. I’ll listen, but I won’t bother doing anything about it, until I’m asked to. I’ll see if I get the short end of the stick if I do it that way, cause I sure as hell get the short end of the motherfucker now. Still, in doing this, I wonder. Will I go from caring too much, to caring too little? Cause its not like I ‘won’t’ help you. I just won’t help you until I’m asked to. Will I been seen as insensitive? Or will I be seen as an average person? If things work out for me better this way, I’ll continue, if not, I suppose I’ll have to find the median of “shutting the fuck up” and “Captain Save-the-day”(lmao)…….

to be continued. (Cheers to a drama free life).
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