The Double Edge Sword

Is there really any way to trust someone COMPLETELY? I mean, you can say it, but if you’re confronted with a situation, you’ll surely change you’re answer. And, if you know this, should you be upset when it happens? I mean, you shouldn’t, but I did. I know, don’t be the hypocrite, but its not possibly. I guess I’m more upset about that left out feeling, because things happened in the past that won’t happen with me, or for me. Yeah, change is cool, but when you know, you know. And when you know, and think you’re trusted, you think that its no problem. You’re not supposed to bring up, “well, my ex wasn’t to be trusted, so I have a hard time trusting you” when you’ve never been given a reason to not trust them, right? You should say, “well, I learned from other ppls mistakes” when you’re not them. You shouldn’t even bring up any of the former when it didn’t happen to you period. So it happened to someone else. You don’t know what their level of trust was. Who’s to say that your judgment is on the same level of theirs? Just cause they are naive, doesn’t make you the same way. Sigh…..I guess I’m making something of nothing in my head, right?

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