Consider this

In the process of reevaluating my life, I managed to ask myself a question I’ve never asked myself. In turn, I was suprised at my answer. I’ll pose the same question to anyone reading, because its something rather important. Think of everyone you know, and of youself. Now ask yourself if YOU are worth THEIR time. It could be reversed, but you shouldn’t accuse someone of something before you look in the mirror, right? Now before you answer that question, you have to break it down, and consider a couple of other things first. 1.)What have you done for them lately? 2.) Are you causing more stress than you are relieving? 3.) Do you sumpliment, or compliment them, or none of the above?
Basically, what you’re looking to find out is: if you weren’t around to do what you did(if you’ve done anything), would it have an adverse affect? Have you done something they, either, could not do for themselves, or would have had a great difficulty doing for themselves, alone or with someone else assistance? Have you done, or are you doing, something that anyone/everyone else could do just as easily? If you haven’t impacted their lives, are you really worth anything to them, in respect to their existence?

With that being, I realize that it may seem like I’m saying “evaluate your shit, then reevaluate the people you know and cut them off.” Well, I am. Though, I’m also saying that if YOU aren’t worth THEIR time, and this is someone you value make yourself worth their time. It would benefit you and the other person as a being and social creature.

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