I suppose….

I spend a lot of time typing shit people dont want to take the time to read. Maybe I go into shit so deep, and for so long that it goes right over people’s heads. I mean, I only write to get my feeling out, so I don’t kill myself with exess stress. I only post my ‘revelations’ so others can learn from it, and save themselves some stress.

You know, “each one, teach one.” -Cliffard “Method Man” Smith

So I suppose I’ll just sum shit up in phrases, and allow you to think on it. Then, if you have a question, or something, I can just explain it to you. Just remember:

“If you ‘think’ you get it, you don’t. But if you ‘know’ you get it, you probably still don’t, but you’re close.” -Nobi

But that’s not today’s quote.

Today’s quote is: “Intamacy is worth more than sex. Sex expresses Lust; Intamacy expresses Love.” -Nobi

That’s 3 for the price of one.

Holla front, I’ll holla back.

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