Untitled…..for now(maybe)

Someone showed me a nice quote the other day. I really liked it, because I really identified with it. Too bad I don’t have the quote. If I obtain it later, I’ll update the post. Still, the gist was “the reason I’m not resentful of people who do me wrong, is because that’s just who they are. They’d be the same whether or not I’m there to witness.” When I first read it, I thought about it, as it applies to me. I still felt pissed and resentful. Then, today, I realized that I contribute to it. I’m upset, but its me who’s fueling the fire, so why be upset that the blaze is blazin’, so to speak? Its time for a change. If I don’t do shit to feed my troubles, then I won’t really have a reason to be mad. As I’m typing this, I can’t help but think of the note I wrote about who’s worth who’s time…….holla front, I’ll holla back.

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