I haven’t really blogged in a while….

So I think I will. I’m big on pix. I just haven’t posted them, cause my memory card is so big on my sidekick3 (³). Forget that. I’m posting like normal, though I’m posting to every one of my blogs at once, from now on. So if you the speach looks odd, like there are words missing, like:  (up),  (down)  (left)  (right) ♂ (male) ♀ (female) , ², and ³ (sk/sidekick, sk2/sidekick2, and sk3/sidekick3), its because you’re reading it on a pc, as opposed to on a sidekick. You’re missing out. Sour grapes for you guys. All my  ID ² and ³ users, congrats…..and all of you soon to be lx, and slide users too.I don’t have friends and foes I have family and enimies itsNobi K.O.R.T. -4- Life
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