Am I the dumb one?

Ok, lets say you went


and read the definition for the fallacy of genetics(cause I'm damn sure not gunna
type it, and I realized that I could copy and paste it when I got to
that last comma, so that's out. I'm not deleting……(I try to make
this as close to stream of thought as possible)). So what you can see is
the sun on one ½ of this strip, and shade on the other. We set  (up)
all our tables in the sun. And I'm thinking, (and asking aloud), "why
are setting  (up) in the sun? You're complaing about it, like there
isn't any shade around. This alley is large enought to two cars to pass,
and with a gate opened enough to let one car pass, my smart ass rig
"manager" parked on the side of the openning. So cars have to swerve
around to get in and out, vs just going straight. Lmao. If we parked in
the shade, and set up() in the shade, that would clear a lane, and
save us from the heat, but no. No go. Funny styles. And what's more, I'm
getting physical in the sun……thank goodnes it wasn't humid. Lmao. To
sum it up() the overall, most weighted reason given was because
"that's how we've always set up(). Word? So you suffer, and make
others suffer because you're afraid to change? Sad. Nothing but "change"
is stopping you from being in the cool……!!! Do note: I've never
been to suffer needlessly. I sat in the shade.

I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enimies

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