Funny Styles

So, I invited my loved ones to my house for Thanksgiving, and it was
pretty enjoyable. One person in particular confused me. I mean, its
great that this person came, but this person thought it a good, or
fantastic idea to not say anything. Rather, this person spoke, just not
to me. I spoke, or 2 seperate occasions, took their hand and pulled them
close to me, and just got discouraged. Then, when I remember what kind
of parent this person had, I realized, I may need to alter my invitation
to include a ride home. Lmao, would you believe, they  without a word
as well?

How disrespected would you feel if you invited someone into your home,
on a holiday, to spend time with your blood, and eat you love inspired
cooking, and they said nothing to you? Made no effort to say a thing.
Not even a, "Thank you for dinner." "Thanks for involving me in your
family's event."

Answer that one, folks.

By the way this is the only
blog I will regularly post to from now on. I may post pics to whatever I
feel like, but the only way to get the full blog, all the pics, and yada
yada is @
Ya dig?

Also, I was waiting for turkey day to pass. You see that gut? Kiss it
goodbye. For those who were around, you know I had a nice 6-pack going.
No, I don't know what happened. I think I got a girl and got lazy, and
didn't do anything about it…..lmao.
But, no shame in my game. Its workout time. I'll keep you posted.

I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enimies

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