So I was thinking, while in the shower(like I usually do), and saw more
clearly what I didn't previously expound. Just to give a clearer
explanation, my bi chick got mad cause I was looking at other chicks
online, even though I was asking her opinions. I mean, just cause I have
a chick doesn't make other ♀s any more or less attractive….they just
become less important. But, anyway, she'd show me ♀s and ask my
opinions, or not ask and give me her likes and occasional dislikes. I
noticed that everytime I did the same I'd get "hmph"(if I got
something), or a general 'I don't care/why are you showing me this'
look. So I tested it. I'd wait until she'd show me, and before she could
breathe in(not really, but before too long), I'd do the same thing. Yes,
I'd get the general 'I don't care/why are you showing me this' look. But
from then, I decided that I wouldn't allow myself to be caught  in
that double standard. Not this time. So I didn't. I carried myself how I
would have, had she been interested, and I was gunna be sure to continue
until she stopped doing it on her side. It makes no sense that we could
do the same thing within 20mins of each other, and I'm wrong. I said that if I did you like you did me, it wouldn’t work out. The basis of the arguement is the fact that I did what you did. When I’m ……..Bullshit.
Ok. I think I'm really done.

I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enimies

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