Happy New Year, mofo’s.

The blog that so many of you have heard me talk about will be (up) soon, so don't worry…..what are my thoughts coming into the new year?

Well…..sex. That is, after the arguement that literally kicked off my new year. If anyone reads this, you'll probably be interested in the new years arguement. Well, in a nutshell: I invited my chick to a new year's party, and she chose not to. She'd later let me know that she was upset with me for not saying "happy new year" when the ball dropped(instead, I partied, and said happy new year when I woke (up), as was the case with everyone else I know. I didn't get any messages(voicemail or texts) or calls or otherwise, nor did I send any to anyone else). Also, the jealousy(or her being 'territorial,' as she put it) was shown. She was upset at the thought of me "being at a party with all those girls in my face." That gave me something major to contemplate. That constitutes extreme jealousy to me, and equals a major pet peave. And what's more, this came on the heels of me being told(at the club) that is ok for me to "dance with other females. Its what's" she "expected to happen. Its the club.


What was I saying?…….(had to read to see what I actually started with…lol….)….yes, sex. I thought I may have sufferred from satyriasis, until I, actually, read more in depth the definition. Then came the idea of the so called 'Don Juanism,' which is sometimes used synonomously with satyriasis. When it's not, I think of how a lot of men think. I can't speak for all, but my want of 'new pussy,' (my Don Juanism) is just the lust for something new. A few of my friends concur that not matter how good sex is with one person, there is always a want for more, a want for difference, and, in some cases, the feeling that you've conquered something(i.e. Baggin' and stabbin', or the make things more simplistic, that 'thrill of the chase' feeling you get when you meet someone you haven't had sex with, but want to have sex with, and finally being able to do it.) For some guys, once is enough. They only feel that sex is at its greatest when its with someone new. I can feel that. I have the conquerer mentality to an extent. There is no feeling quite like 'new' sex. The only thing that comes close is all that other shit, like: sex is public places, trying new things(positions, toys), etc. And that does get old or stale or tired, cause you never run out of places to go, or toys to use. Well, you can, but it takes a LOOOOOOOONG time. It is the adrenaline that makes sex great, and the new ground that makes sex great. So, I suppose people that have covered all that ground turn into swingers. Lol. That 'would' be my cup of tea, except I don't like the idea of a nigga sticking my chick. That is to say, I have a one dick per fantasy rule, when it comes to my significant other. But let it be a lez or bi ♀ couple. They can swing as much as they like. My girl+another girl= no botheration. Lmao. But that's a segway. My question is, 'is anyone wrong for wanting their cake, and eating too?

Is anyone wrong for saying, "I don't want a relationship, per se, I wanna have all the sex I want on my terms, and if some is (down) for that I want their companionship, too?

Ok, yeah, I know what you may be thinking, and before you say it(to yourself) let me finish, and explain the thought I put behind the question. Ready? Ok. SEX IS RECREATION. Let me repeat that: SEX IS RECREATION. I say that because it is. So say it,"what about when you make love to someone you love and…." it still is. Then, its just recreation with someone you love. Its more meaningful recreation, but its recreation, nonetheless. You're doing it to get that nut, or allow your loved one to get that nut. It's a satisfying to self, and to others. Want proof? Why do people cheat, and end marriages? Sex that isn't satisfying. If sex with someone isn't satisfying, you don't do, except out of, maybe, say pity.

–So, with that said–

It's that swingers mentality that is so cool. You may say, they're freaks, sluts, wrong, etc. I say that they are making the most out of their lives. They are sexually liberated, and well in tuned with their feelings. They are able to immediately say that sex is recreation, so sex with someone else is the same as, say, playing ball with someone other than your team. When it comes to them, its just the biological enjoyment, and possible, that "I'm getting something new" feeling, that other couples are deprived of. And then, going back to the one they love, is coming back to home team, and having that meaningful recreation. The sex that ALSO HELPS(not 'only,' 'obligatory,' 'primarily,' or 'by definition expresses') profess love, and other strong feelings. So yes, if you've paid attention, there are always feelings involved in sex, but they are way different.
•Like(I like or even love the sex. I like this person. My friend, etc) vs. Love(sex, this person. This person's feelings.
•Lust(for sex, a body, a person, or libido) vs. Affection(just like the aforementioned 'love')
-and yes, even-
•Love(friend) vs. Love(significant other), for those who think that way.

So is anyone wrong for trying to obtain it?
I mean my modified thought(I'd think its modified), or better yet, my take on it would be, again, my "one dick per fantsy rule." And knowing where my loyalties lie. I wouldn't purposely put off sex with my significant other for sex with someone else. I actually wouldn't want to, I don't think. I'd want to share. That would probaly be more fun.

And what of 3 people in one relationship? Loving two people? Sure. Same rules I just said apply. And, although you can't plan who youlll love, or to what extent, I'd, again, know where my loyalties lie. And its a 2 way street, so she/they would be charged with the same rules. Lmao. Come to think of it, with a swinger's mentality, it could be a couple, or trio, or quartet that are all in love(like that of a regular couple), and still swinging, or inviting others(friends) to have sex with. Essentually an orgy. And hey, I can't blame them. Sounds like fun(lmao).

Want an example? **NSFW** CLICK HERE **NSFW**(Opens in a new window, in case you have a pop-up blocker. Just Reclick, while holding CTRL) And what is SAID at 7:41? “I love you,” “I love you, too,” “And I love you.” That’s a cool kinda scene.


-just my thoughts-

I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enimies

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