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So McDonald’s got me….

I got iced coffee from Mickey D's, and I loved it. My chick got one, and hated it(just this particular one. She loves MCD's iced coffees…..besides the point), so I took it, added some spices and made it good, and … Continue reading

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Look what I found

I came across this Banned “Hunger Strike” clip of the Boondocks, by haphazard. Mad Funny. I think this is what BET’s trying to do.

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Is it just me, or do the Boondocks pull from the world around us?

YOU JUST CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!! Renee Murphey vs. Staci Renee rofl div#main{overflow:visible;} div#main{overflow:visible;} div#main{overflow:visible;} div#main{overflow:visible;} div#main{overflow:visible;}

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I have the stuff I think is interesting on the right side. I thought this was so INTERESTING that I wanted to make a post about it. Click Me!!!

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….Hear no Nobi; See no Nobi; Speak no Nobi….

So I originally came up with that title as a IM status message, cause i felt like i didnt exist to those that mattered most to me. had i known i could have felt worse, i would have told my … Continue reading

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I saw this, and laughed to high hell

This is what someone else posted in their blog.

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Didn’t take long, did it? Lol

So, I get a text message asking if I'm still commited to do something I said I'd do prior to being upset, and I'm caught at cross road in my thought processes. On one hand, I try not to hold … Continue reading

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