So I'm watching Harpo….(Oprah, for those who were late, like me) and this Professional Match Maker, Patti Novak, is talking about dating, and what women do wrong, and what men need. She said there is this thing women do, dubbed, “The Pickle Jar Effect”. Which is true. Women forget that most men(Not all; most. And just to cover my bases, and be logically correct, I'll say some…..even though its most….lol) function with this pride system, and women are quick to interrupt it, without thinking about the sum of their actions. I was yelling, "(right) on," at my screen until she said that "men are the most indecisive…." blah blah blah. Immediately, my life's experience told me that women are far more indecisive. Scratch that, they are very decisive. They just choose an option not given, or nothing at all, which equals the same shit. Mad hard headed, in that they choose "nothing," or remain aloof. Men, on the other hand, choose something very easily. It just may not be the best decision. Mad hard headed, in that they choose somethings and refuse to be corrected, take an alternate route, be proved wrong, etc.

Sigh. (*_*)

I don't even remember what I why I was commenting on this. I just found what she was saying interesting, I suppose. Its not like I had anyone to talk with about it, or discuss it with. Not today, anyway.

I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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