So McDonald’s got me….

I got iced coffee from Mickey D's, and I loved it. My chick got one, and
hated it(just this particular one. She loves MCD's iced
coffees…..besides the point), so I took it, added some spices and made
it good, and drank it. Then I was like, I can do this. Forget buying it.
I'll make them.

So I made my 1st coffee today……I made my 2nd one 5 mins later,
having recently learned what not to do. Its cool. For you math whizzes,
take it from me, the orders of opp go as follows: (hot
coffee+sugar/sweetener)+(ice+dairy/milk)= dark(er) iced coffee. Also,
apparently, MCD's iced coffee has a fraction(a very small fraction) of
the caffine that regular coffee has. I took mine to the face, and have
been on EDGE. I barely puta dent in it, and I can barely sit still. Omg

I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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