What’s goodie?

Well, I've been racking (up) on pix lately, and meaning to make a
post, but I haven't yet. I still have shit to say, but I haven't felt
like articulating. Anyway. I thought I'd drop a jewel. I was @ Steve &
Barry's(S&Bs) and thought I'd hit them (up) for clothes. I'm picked
these (up), and would have had picked (up) like 4 more pairs but I
just learned that shipments come in on wednesdays, so if you go, do so
on a thursday or friday. What are these, you're asking? Starbury's(did I
spell that (right)? Well, its on the shoe. Read it). Stephon
Marbury's clothing line. Nope, not a Nike, Reebok, Adidas(they own
Reebok, so why list Reebok?), Puma etc brand. Just Starbury. It really
should be considered an S&Bs brand, cause they are EXCLUSIVELY there. He
has some wack shoes, but this is one of 3 styles he's has that I like.
And there are shit loads of color.

Segway: when I say he has whack shoes, I'm not trying to hate, or say
that there are more wack shoes than good looking ones. I'm simply saying
that not all of his shoes fit my tastes. Just like I how you may love
Nikes, but can say they have wack shoes. As does Starbury. He has
obvious knock-offs of New Balance, and uhhh….damn, what's the brand
roc-a-fella bought?……oh yeah, Keds. But still, he has some nice

Personally, I'd buy only his shoes, track/warm-up jacket, basketball
shorts, and polo's, but that's just me. All the jeans are "white-boy
wear," and that's not my style.

If you like what looks good and are not specifically brand conscious,
you might wanna peep S&Bs. And if you say my shit isn't fly, you hate


I'm getting the all whites next time around.
I don't like patent leather, but this will do.

Its Nobi

I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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