Well, I found out a couple of things today. I found out my dicks big(ger
than average), I know how to use it, and that I'm a great person to
chill with, but not, apparently, good enough for a relationship. The ♀
I was chillin with suddenly back off from me, without so much as an
explanation; however, this is only a week after sincerely (it felt very
sincere) whispering in my ear, "I think I'm falling for you."


This is why I can't see myself having a relationship….a real
relationship….a meaningful relationship….a long, time withstanding
relationship….a serious relationship.

We didn't have a single arguement, and everything was all smiles. So I'm
clueless as to why this went the way it did. I'll admit, I was close to
making this something more than a casual relationship, but like
clockwork, I get shafted. Lol. Oh well. Back to my original "no serious
relationships" plan, ya dig?

Its all about Ms. Rightnow. It could be all about sex, but I don't
really care about sex 'that' much. And I'm pretty good at running thru
people, cause its someting I've been doing for a while. Torment in
elementary, & 4 high schools made me care A LOT less about whether or
not I form a new bond, so I'm used to it. But being used to something
doesn't make it feel any different. Its just frequent. I frequently
repeat relationships that appear to be moving in a good direction, but
fall very short. Atleast it didn't take another 2 years to figure this
shit out, this time.

….On to the next Ms. Rightnow….

By the way, I also learned that I love my best friend. She's one of the
greatest people I've ever known. She's always been a pillar, and voice
of reason for me. And its a lot for her to do, cause I only chill with
her once every 2-3 years, literally. ILuvU Ms. Allen.

I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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2 Responses to Frequency….Funny….

  1. LadieTaz2fly says:

    well babe… you know i feel you. habit can be a kiss and a curse! i know personally i’ve fallen into habit with relationships not because i dont know better just it seems im the only one on the page im on…. and sometimes other parts of our lives become so complicated that “relationships” are put on the back burner and companionship replaces it… so the question is not the relatonships you’re gettin in… its ARE YOU EXPECTING A RELATIONSHIP FROM A COMPANIONSHIP?

  2. LadieTaz2fly says:

    oh yeah.. i love you too! lol

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