Someone spent the night here last night. It was much wanted, but
completely, and totally unexpected. She slept in a different room, but
all I could think as I lay in bed is, "I wish she would have made a
different choice for where she's sleeping." Lol. I knew where she was
sleeping, and I probably could have sojourned to that room….to that
bed….to that body….BUT….our situations are different. I'm trying
to respect hers, even though I get the impression that if I disrepected
her situation, I wouldn't face any negative consequences (not that she's
purposely giving me that impression….and not that she's not,
either….only she knows)….atleast, not from her….not (right)
away…..I considered changing (attempting to, any way….never know
what could have happened) my sleeping quarters, but then resolved to
leave it be, and only wonder "what if."
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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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