….hmmmm……All-American-Girl (part 3)

So, we do what we do, and its GREAT. Then, we retire to our respective
quarters. It seems like I'm the only thinking, "hey, why not sleep
'with' me, now. Haven't we reached that stage, yet?"
"ILuvU's feel so much better in 2's: one given, one received."
That's when it hits me: I'm obviously looking for far more than I'm
gunna get (….again….). I'm definitely moving faster than my

I say that there arre certain titles that I'd love to reuse, but can't
if we aren't on the same page. She says ok. I say let me know when we
are. She says ok. I ask her about her official status, and it's "I don't
know." It's "I don't know," but we are still doing what we're doing.
It's "I don't know," even though she said "I don't want a repeat of what
already happened." It's "I don't know," even though I said "fine, don't
let it be a repeat. We'll do this when you're sure of yourself and your

When we do what we do, its obviously GREAT for us, both. When we do
other things, its great….for me definitely…..I can't speak for her.
All I know is, whatever she wants this to be, I'm  for. I just gotta
know what I'm agreeing to. I just gotta know what rules to play by.
Playing by ear is stressful, so just tell me the song.

Reality checks fucking suck….especially when done by self.

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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