Directions= Drama……(apparently)

Man, I really, really, really don’t understand this ♀(female). I’m really at wits ends. I can’t deal with this attitude shit over NOTHING. I spend all this time listening to what she thinks is (right) and logical(usually without much objection, unless its absolutely wrong), but when I chime in with the most logical approach, all conversation stops, and I get ignored. And for what? Telling her to change her driving route from the longer, more time consuming, gas wasting trip, to the more or less “straight-shot.” Maybe I’m the wrong one though. We are almost even with i20, and need to get to 75/85(Cleveland ave, which is like 3 exits away from i20 on 75/85), but she wants to ride the perimeter north to 85, and work her way (down). But I’m the bad guy for saying there’s a faster route? “I wanna go the way I know,” is her rationale, even though I’m in the car and can correct a mistake when it happens.

The fucked (up) thing about it, is that I could easily point out that with all this extra driving cut out, we would already been at the motherfucker destination. I say in passing((right) when we leave) “I thought you would have taken 20,” but I know now not to say shit ‘in passing.’ Its just gunna be “go here.”

I mean, really. The nerve of this ♀(female).

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