…..Friendship……again, again

How many quotes do I have that have to do with it?….shiiiiiit, how many quotables, for that matter? Maybe its not ‘really’ a big deal, but its annoying to me. I mean, really, as much as some people ‘want to be’ your “friend,” they won’t do some of the simplest gestures of “friendship,” for thi day and age, like…..um….accept a friends request on anything that allows. I mean, shit, even people who don’t particularly appear (from my p.o.v.) to want a genuine friendship from me will do that. Maybe I’m the odd ball, but if you say something to me, but don’t act on your own words/wants, then don’t bother telling me that shit. If you say something to me, but tell the world (or even one-to-few) something different, then don’t tell me that shit, and don’t act like I’m some secret. I don’t like that shit.

In hindsight (bare with me if I’ve said this before, as I don’t read my own blog —typically— so I only recall what I’ve written, I don’t review) I think its just hurt feelings. Cause for someone to be a friend ( atleast….or something more in some cases) and for you to reach out…..time and time again…..and get rejected, its like……um……iono…..bad……

(*insert short, usually funny, faux-revelation-esque comment that encapsulates my general disposition about what I just finished writing about*)

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