Words I feel I could’ve written, but didn’t:

"You don't love me girl. You wanna smack me don't ya? You'll prolly get
your brother and them to attack me won't ya?" (……..) "I thought we
would be together. Thought it would be forever, but you're (left)
with a broken heart to piece together. So, what you want me to do; act
like I'm not when I know I'm so thru with you? The pussy had me open,
the kisses had me flipping'. Brotha's couldn't believe it: a chicken had
me tripping" (……..) "But to my surprise, you told me a lot of lies.
You were willingly sodamised by a lot of guys." (……..) "But hey,
everybody deserves a 2nd or 3rd chance to get their swerve on, that's my
word bond. I really started likin' yo' ass. Now, if you were here
ο€Œ(right) now, I'd stick this mic in yo' ass. Shorty foul as ever.
Word, you can go to hell heffa; in the club shaking your funky ass tail
feather" (……..) "I was the only dumb enough to treat you important.
The only one that did more then the "just talking," introduced you
Jay-Z, even Makali Caulkin. How ironic: I was thinking you was home
alone, but you in the bed with some niggas sharing each other
chromosomes." -Saigon (from "Shot in the Booty")

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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