I'm psychic…I think….I'm making a prediction, and I'm basing it off
precedent. I'm trying to to code it in such a way, that when its decoded
later (hopefully ONLY by me), anyone reading will see that this is a
true prediction.

Hmmm, what code will I use? I think I know…..and I'll reveal the key
when it happens. And I'll do two different codes, cause I have two
different predictions. If they never become actualities, I won't reveal
the keys. I liked coming (up) with the codes. Maybe I'll combine them
both into a really good code one day. I'd love to see what happens when
people try to crack them. Like most codes, its pretty simple. Don't
think too hard.

1.) aarmklilweavhdarejeovmnihitwreh. (C544C54243)


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I have family and enemies

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