Ever watch "Snapped" on Oxygen?

I did. There was nothing to watch, so I kept it on. Its about murder.
What's bad is I can't help but identify with some of the guys that get
killed. Not the assholes(surprised?), but the ones that always help, and
'save' these chicks from themselves, and are then treated like shit and
ditched for the "more exciting," but worse off dudes. This lady said it
best in show when she stated, "Women typically cheat for emotional
reasons….for her being with someone so stable was boring for her. She
needed excitement."
To think, he literally saved her life, and kept her grounded, but she
cheated on him, murdered him.

Quotes that fucked with me:
•"….she did what she always had done in these situations….she
relied on her powers of manipulation…."
•"She was an incredible liar; maybe because she…uhhh…believed her
own lies."
•"She would cry, she would dab her eyes……she was trying to
say….feel sorry for me."

Today's "tv's too close to home episode:" "Snapped: Kristin Rossum"

As a side note I’ll add: in my psychology class, my Prof said that he had a book that detail many a mental problem, and that we should flip through it. He said not to be surprised because we would find ourselves on many of the pages. Why? Because all of those pages, when put together, make  our different personalities. Why do I bring this ? Cause, hopefully, this (and my past couple of “this is eerie and close to home” posts) is just an example of how loking into that book would be.

…..back to my book….

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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