Any sane people out there?

You know, I'm sick of ♀s. I'm not trying to Replace my ex, but I am
looking for a companion(I can be quoted saying that if I can't have her,
I don't wanna be bothered trying….its true—I can't do it). Not a
lover, not a date, but someone to chill with. My best friend doesn't
even live in Atl, so I can't see her. I'm genuinely not interested in
meeting anyone of the same sex, cause….that's just me. Even a gay ♀
isn't out of my range of scope. I just want someone to chill with.
Genuinely platonic.

Everyone I meet, now, is cut from the same cloth, and I'm sick of it.
Everything starts off cool, but then they flip out. I don't think its
me, but who know. I'm 100. I don't want anything. I'm good with my dick
in my pants. I'm straight with the money I have. Just want someone to
bounce a thought off of every once in a while.

Meet René—I scooped her  while she was walking home, and have been
texting and talking to her for the past 2½ weeks. We have chilled out
1 time, because our schedules regularly conflict, and when it doesn't,
she's usually out with her girlfriends. Now, I found her to be pretty
cool, until you she was "stressed" and told me she didn't want a
boyfriend. I found that odd cause I told her upfront I wasn't trying to
do anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, I never said anything
about dating, fucking, going out, or the like. Just talking(literally),
texting, and hanging out every once in a while, as in over her crib, or
my crib. Boyfriend didn't come out my mouth, or cross my mind until she
came at me with it.

Nobi: What's poppin?

René: Im upset can i borrow20 dollars from u?

Nobi: What are you upset about? If I had it, I may have.

René: It doesnt matter .

Nobi: It must. It mattered enough for you to tell me

René: Im just tired and i needed something and i shouldnt have asked

Nobi: Interesting.
What's new, Mama?

René: Nothing me being broke right now. Thats whats new.

Nobi: I see. I can feel you on that one

René: Yep

Nobi: Whatchu do all day?

René: I was stressed all day.

Nobi: I take it, its over what you refuse to tell me about, right? Its
fine. How about this past week, dear?

René: My past week was ok.

Nobi: Ahhh. Good news. Whatchu do all week? I hope you didn't just work

René: Thats all i did was work honey.

Nobi: Oh. And you walked to the store. I hope that was rewarding, lol.
Whatchu doing tomorrow?

René: Wow it was rewarding.

Nobi: Nice to hear. You going out tonight? Doing anything tomorrow?

René: I cant gn[sic] out 2nite or 2morrow im broke

Nobi: Not everything costs money, Mama, only time

René: Where am going 2 hang out at that doesnt cost money

Nobi: A friend's house…maybe
Bar(you're cute enough to get some drinks with little-to-no effort)

René: Yeah but i never go anywhere broke.

Nobi: So we couldn't kick it if you had no dough? Bad for business

René: Well not just u i couldnt kick it with anyone if i was dead

Nobi: Lol
But it doesn't cost to watch a tv, or play a game, or joke, etc.

René: Anything could happen and 4 me 2 be dead broke in the streets
thats a no-no.

Nobi: Then invite me over

Nobi: ….

René: …..

Nobi: Then invite me over

Nobi: Ok. 3rd time. "Then invite me over"

René: I just got your message. 1st time take me out.

Nobi: But you're broke, dear

René: What does that have 2 do with u taking me out 2 dinner or 2 the

Nobi: Well, I did just ask that same question to you, and you said that
for you"2 be dead broke in the streets thats a no-no." Just trying to
play by your rules Mama. Especially the whole "friendship" thing you
spat at me the otherday

René: U know what u implicated free drinks like as if i was going 2
nite with my homegirls 2nite u didnt say shit about u taking me out. But
u know what the convesati(*)on is over with! Goodnite and Goodbye and i
dont have time 4 this bullshit.

Nobi: Mama, I'm was just saying, if you went to the cub broke, you'd
leave with drinks in your system. Also, as I recall, I was just trying
to get to know you, and you started telling me how you don't want a
boyfriend, but all of a sudden you're telling me to take you out? Lets
be real, Mama. That's absurd.

Nobi: (**)Damn, what is your problem? I didn't do anything to you. All
the cursing and such, isn't needed. I don't know what you're going thru,
but dont take it out on me

René: What does a boyfriend have anything 2 do with taking me out? U
know what i dont feel like dealing with this right now. Goodnite.

Nobi: Hold on, now. You said you don't want a boyfriend or anything like
it. If we go out, we go Dutch, dear. What do I look like? And that's two
of us can do without the bullshit. Erase my number, if you haven't done
so already.

René: I never had it saved. Goodbye.

Nobi: Thats fine. Leave me alone

René: Honey u already was left alone from the 1st time u dropped me
off at the house. I never called or texted 1st. Good bye.

Nobi: Which is exactly why I woke up to your "good morning" when you
were at work(just name one example)….that makes perfect sense, now.
Thnx. Didn't you end the conversation 3 messages ago? Leave me alone.
You said its dead, I agreed. So why not act like it?

René: U are a joke.

Nobi: Ok. Fine. I'm a joke. But you're like 26 years old, and you're
participating an initiating like you're 17. What does that make you? Go
ahead and reply, and get the "last word" that you so badly want, so we
can end the conversation. I promise I'll be bigger and let you have it.

René: It makes me a female that wishes she never MET U!

Note: I think its worth mentioning that these are from text messages,
and I received one of them in 2 parts, and was able to reply before
getting the 2nd part. The break is marked by an "*". The message that
was a reply to the 2nd part of the message is marked by a double, "**". -Music Lovers Unite!! Join Us. Its FREE!!!
I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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