People make me sick

The ♀s I meet. I swear there’s something wrong with people’s values. Now I won’t say I won’t do someone grimey. I’m simply saying that if I’m to have a relationship with someone, they are off limits. If it gets to the point that I don’t wanna be with them, I simply won’t be. I won’t just start playing them. Never have. Its stupid. People shouldn’t just be without morals. And while I had this conversation, all I could think is, “Is this what ♀s have done to me? If a nigga holla’d and asked them the same things I just did, would they have answered the same?”


This is a chick who offered to cook for me, and flirted, and wanted to come thru and kick it, and whatever else I wanted to do, and yada, yada, yada.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I could still pipe (if I wanted to) after this conversation. She has no soul. She just wants to be taken care of, treated, and spoiled.

The bitches I meet.

Nobi: Cool. Where’s your jealous boyfriend?

Tyffani: Outside

Nobi: Lol. Why?

Tyffani: Taking out the trash

Nobi: Oh ok. So what does he do for you?

Tyffani: He help me with my son

Nobi: That’s it? You don’t really like him?

Tyffani: No not really

Nobi: Does he know that?

Tyffani: No

Nobi: Interesting. I take it you don’t really care, so long as your son is good.

Nobi: Echo

Tyffani: Its like this until I find someone whos going to help me with him and love me without talking to other girls on the phone

Nobi: Wow. I could never do that. My best friend is a ♀

Tyffani: see thats what im saying. My friends are all boyz. Thats just how i grew 

Nobi: Well, what kinda double standard is that? That’s bullshit, if I ever saw it

Tyffani: What dose that mean?

Nobi: It means, you’re guilty of the same thing he is, but you’re saying he’s wrong, and you’re 

Tyffani: No I just cant have girls as friends we dont get alone at all

Nobi: That doesn’t matter. If you can have friends of the opposite sex, you can’t logically look down on him for doing the same.

Tyffani: but when we first got together he told me that he dont associate with females and he understood my situation and he was cool with that. My aunt even told him

Nobi: Doesn’t matter. Its a double standard. So because he decides to start associating with females, he’s wrong? Bullshit. But play him, anyway? Foul

Tyffani: OK

Nobi: Naw, but really, what’s the point in playing him, though? If you don’t like him, don’t be round.

Tyffani: OK

Nobi: How is “ok” an answer to that? You’re odd. I’m done. Later

Tyffani: Because u dont understand ok bye

Nobi: What I understand is you’re playing some nigga, but you’re saying its his fault. Shit is absurd.

Tyffani: Its really not like that at all boo he fucked her

Nobi: And you’re still with him, and playing him. What’s your point?

Tyffani: We dont fuck no more we sleep in different rooms we are just friends

Nobi: But you identify him as your boyfriend. And friends don’t call niggas they don’t know asking relationship questions like he did to me. Bull

Nobi: He doesn’t even know you don’t like him. How about a clear and straight story?

Tyffani: But he knows we arent going to ever be together anymore and he wants to still be in my sons life

Nobi: His actions say otherwise. And the beginning of this conversation also say otherwise.

Tyffani: Whatever u say -Music Lovers Unite!! Join Us. Its FREE!!!
I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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