….before I forget….

Do you remember a while back, I made a prediction, and said that when/if it came true, I’d reveal the key? Well, the 1st one came true. The 2nd one did as well, to an extent, but I don’t think its severe enough to warrant the key. And yes, I put it in the order in which I thought they’d occur.

So, the key: first start with the letters and numbers in parenthesis to the (right). Each “C” represents a capitol letter for the decoded word it corresponds. The numbers are the amount of letters in the word. Essentually, each number equals a word(e.g.-C23 means a two letteter word followed by a 3 letter word, where the 2 letter word starts wit a capitol letter). So, now you have scramble words. To unscramble, simply exchange the last and 1st letters(tirsf becomes first).

Simple, ?

Oh yeah, I confirmed this info on Thanksgiving. I just didn’t bother posting it…. don’t know why….

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