So, now I'm worried. I got  to see this chick last last night. It was
important that she speak to me vis-a-vis. It was something that she
couldn't say to me on the phone in the 40mins before work. It had to be
after work. It couldn't be text messaged to me. But when I get there, no
answer. I knocked, no answer. I called, no answer. I text messaged, no
answer. I IM'd, no answer.I emailed, no answer. Somehow she didn't get
any of these in time. I wasted a damn hour out there to get, "naw, I'll
just email it." Fucking waste of my night.

But on to why I'm worried.

This shit took place around 4 am.

I overslept.

I missed a day of work.

My boss is about zero games.

Now my pay is missing a quarter of its total.

And it was for NOTHING.

Reality is setting in.

Back to my movie

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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