….so apparently….

….assholes of AAG's caliber come in ♂ form, too. My home girl
Diamond's fiance  her last night. Why? Cause he's immature, and can't
seem to grow . And now she's going thru what I was for a while. She
tried some rebound sex, and she couldn't get thru it. She can't stop
texting him, and can't keep herself busy enough. She hasn't called me
yet, but I'm sure she's crying her tear ducts dry. Don't worry, Mama, I
have a dry shoulder for you (tears just confirmed via text while

What the fuck is wrong with people? Its like no one has a conscience
anymore…..atleast not for people who it should apply to the most….

Maturity isn't measured in assets, (living) arrangements, age, or
ability, its code, ethics, and moral aptitude.

I can't stand kids.

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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