….I’ve been thinking, but….

…..shiiiiiiiiiit (Clive Davis-Every acting job he's ever done)….so I
got an email from someone….and its like clockwork….I kinda expect to
get one between 1 and 2 weeks from the bullshit fest that was Friday,
the 5th. So….4½ days later….fuck it….I was thinking about whether
or not I was gunna read the shit. Precedence says that this letter is

•some sort of bullshit apology, with a promise that it(her lying)
won't happen again


•some sort of explanation about how she didn't mean for this to happen
again, or how she didn't mean to lie or change her story.

Basically the same shit, but one has an apology and is a tear jerker,
while the other is just an explanation.

Or both.

I don't feel like even seeing that bullshit….BUT….what if its not?
What if this is something different? What if she's had an epiphany, and
this is some mega-letter, where she details her plan for 2009, and then
(da-dada-dada) she follows thru on it. She gets her mature/grown woman
on for once.

What if she's saying, "how do you want me to pay you back?" "I wanna
give you your money, Nobi." Hmmmmm.

I have incentive to open it, and also have great incentive not to. What
to do what to do.

What if its on some emergency shit, and I'm the only person left(cause
she has few-to-zero friends) to contact or I'm the only one she knows
that will help if I agree to.

Hmmmmmm…….resolving shit………..an emergency would warrent
multiple emails or points of contact……shit, even a phone call with a
voicemail……..if it was about money, we are both very
digital…….she knows(because I've told her—and because she reads my
blog) that she can pay me via my blog…….I think she reads
it………she said does……but then again, says a lot of (bullshit)


Still thinking…..maybe curiosity will get the best of me, and I'll
open it…until then….I'll just leave it be….

—some nerve—

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