OMG, Ms. Allen

Now, I usually don't kiss and tell, but this is just so worth it. I hope
I don't get you in trouble, Ms. Allen(even though we both agreed,
already, that this won't, lol).

I almost forgot what it felt like to have someone who truly loves me,
kiss me, touch and massage me, and get in my bed, lol.
Fan-fucking-tastic….all night/morning….love my bestfriend(double
entendre, indeed, lol).

I think I'm writing this because, I definitely didn't have the problem I
described a while ago, and it was great. Its only doable for me, if it
has meaning…..I suppose.


Xoxo, Mama. Hope you decide to move back to Atl.

Only been trice, but it def gets better and better.

—#11—(you know, lol) -Music Lovers Unite!! Join Us. Its FREE!!!
I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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