So I’m sure Alesia stole from me

Not that this thought is new. I just never bother typing it, until now.
I made a note to find the remote for my ipod. This remote not only is
convenient, but its what allows any use of my ipod past a portable hard
drive. I found it. Told myself, "I can't wait to use this with my
touch." And then after however long a hiatus we had, she came by, spent
the night, and then left. From that day, I never saw my shit again.
Call me p'noid, but it seems to fit. And the same shit for my ipod. It
just disappeared. I was good with keeping up with it. And I know the
last time I had it, I was in my house. But after this ♀ shows , my
shit is gone. If I come across them both, I'll gladly eat my word, but
she's lied repeated about worse shit, so…….

….Just crossed my mind, is all….

I was writing about some other ♀, and it falls under that "these ♀s"
category, so the memories have been conjured . Lol… love life

Btw, I have a post I never posted. I think I will, cause I hate doing
shit for no reason. You'll know which post it is, cause I'll say it. So
don't ask. -Music Lovers Unite!! Join Us. Its FREE!!!
I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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