….So, then there’s Betsy….

Now I’ve been busy, and have had the opportunity to meet(get to know better) this girl named Betsy. I took the trek to see her, and we kissed. I liked that. Lol. The update is, we went thru a crash course which, after a couple of days, felt like AAG’s repeat. I found myself feeling the exact same way. Same dumbass arguments. The same attitude. The same, the same, the same. Chick sent me mixed messages the entire time. I don’t feel like typing it a 3rd time, so I’ll just share what I wrote her “twin”(as she is known) on Facebook (her name is Alisha):

” You (Today at 12:31am): Ayo, your twin has issues. I’ve found myself trying to like her, instead of just liking her.
She’s funny styles.
For instance, because I look at my news feed and comment on something in it, I’m snooping….even though what’s on her wall isn’t private…..and even though when you check my shit, you’ll see I comment on mad people’s shit. She’s acting like I focus on her. She always talking about how she likes me, but consistently does shit that says she doesn’t. Is this how she normally is?

Alisha (Today at 12:37am): Okay so since ur not focus on her why do u get mad at the shit?

You (Today at 12:54am): No, I mean, I’m checking my news feed, so she’s not the only one who gets comments on their status or their wall. She’s talking like, all I do is look ather shit, or look for her shit.
I like her, but she’s always finding a reason to say I don’t. She always doing shit the exact opposite of what she says. Its really hard to believe she likes me. I like shory, but she’s making it hard to.
She’ll say I don’t show it, but I’m always hitting her up, saying I wanna see her, chill, etc. its like I can’t be me and show I like her, I gotta go way out my way to prove it. And I don’t know how. Like even just now she’s saying I’ve been flirting with people. We were at the mall, and I’m saying hi to people I know. I even told her from the jump, I worked at the mall, and I went to mad high schools in the area, so I know everybody. I said, “I’m just letting you know so you don’t get the wrong idea.” I even told her how I don’t know mad niggas. I mostly know females. And she said ok. Now tonight, she’s saying I was busy flirting with people. My fucking cousin is shacked up with the one female I had the longest convo with, but I was flirting. She said I was flirting with you and micah, too. Even though all I said to you was, “did you go to the club.” And what’s so fucked up about it is, when I got the house, she was pushing me on you and micah, even though I only came to see her.
Again, is that how she normally is?”

Oh, and then there’s this little jewel from my email(of course we know that emails are read from the bottom up—unfortunately for some of you readers)…..I had the last word…..:

Man whatever. I’m done. I have work in the morning. Feel free to enlighten yourself. http://itsNobi.blogspot.com

On Sat, 10 Jan 2009 2:08 am, betsy b wrote:
>I hear u
>>On Jan 10, 2009 2:05 AM, “Nobi” wrote:
>>No, Dionne. It means that I don’t have a fucking reason to flirt with some females when there is a chick I like. It means I have no reason to try to get with Micah or Alisha, or Sha, or Tameka, or anyone else in the mall because you fucking exist. It means, up until you told me I was a fucking waste of time I wasn’t interesting in pursuing another female, because I never wanna chase two females. I’ve always been a one woman man. I don’t even date two chicks at the same time. I have friends, yea, but I only pursue one female at a time. It means that Betsy was the apple of my eye and even though I’m as sexual a person as I am, I was fine not fucking, since I don’t try to fuck like that anyway…unless its my chick. That’s what the fuck it had to do with you, Betsy.
>>On Sat, 10 Jan 2009 1:48 am, betsy b wrote: >>Ummm what does that have to do with me? Not bein smart just askin cuz last time I checkd we never had sex so is that ur way of sayin I didn’t mean anythin?
>>On Jan 10, 2009 1:43 AM, “Nobi” wrote:
>>What you can’t seem to get thru your fucking skull is that pussy is just pussy. I can get pussy right now if I wanted to. And I really mean RIGHT fucking now. But that shit is meaningless. I really don’t like fucking bitches when there’s no meaning behind it. That why I don’t fuck bitches very often. Sometimes if I have time, I’ll do it, cause I feel like bustin a nut, instead of jacking my dick. I got my dick sucked new years eve cause I was stressed. Before that, I piped my bff, who I love. It meant something. Before my fucking ex, and it meant something then cause she was my gf. I don’t pipe females like that, cause I don’t fucking want it. Even though my phone steady gets blown up for booty calls. If you ever decided my thoughts are important, my blog is full of them. And as a matter of fucking face, if you do read it, you can track my sex life, cause I speak about what I fucking feel.
>>http://DaKORT.ning.com -Music Lovers Unite!! Join Us. Its FREE!!!
>>I don’t have friends and foes
>>I have family and enemies

And the she consults her guy friend, who tells her, apparently, she’s tripping over most this shit. I couldn’t agree more. She says she’ll take his advise and think about shit(I guess before she opens her mouth to spaz)…..but no apology…..I peeped her ‘tude is on some high and mighty shit. Cause she said it in such a way that says, “it doesn’t matter that you said you’re done, nor does it matter that I said some hurtful and ignorant shit. We are gunna work on us (or not be together) because I said so….”

As a matter of fact: Betsy: “I just spoke to rico about this whole thing and he said I am trippin about most of the things and how u bein a dude and I should think about it some more… so I will”

Right? Well….what’s this? Last night: “Now I really wish I was talkin to other guys on some serious shit”……….”U read right cuz this shit was clearly a waste… shit we not even fb friends so… bye”

Oooo, and this gem: “At the movie u we[re] sayin shit outta ur neck so I said fuck it don’t touch me then even tho I was cold. Then I was like nah I’m too cute to stay cold so u warmin me up”

And my responses? “You prolly should have spoke to him before you called this a waste of time. That calling me a waste of time by proxy. I went to your page to add you add you again, and I’m not feeling what you said. You seem pretty happy about the situation. I’d suggest you give me a min, cause right now im good based on last night and this morning”—and—”Whatever, Betsy.” (Respective to the 1st two quotes, starting from my “as a matter of fact, comment.”)

So there we go.
I already know what my sister is gunna say….I don’t know how to turn it off…..not yet, anyway.

I think I’m really just gunna be easy. Ms. Allen, whenever you move back up to the A(if you ever do), remind me to drop everything I have going on for you. —(Seeing you 2-3 times a year isn’t good enough. And tell Malik to keep his hands off)— Lol. You understand me, and you have no idea how valuable a trait that is. I’m gunna send your glasses after I pay this months school loan cost. I promise. And they will be extra wrapped.

….People….don’t know how I attract this breed….can anyone suggest a brand of pheromone?

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