Niggas trip me out. How one sided can a persons thought process be?
I vent in my blog, and I'm labelled as acting immature? Some nigga that
I prolly never seen calls me out, and this shit gets blown up.

Funny styles.

I didn't broadcast my shit. Betsy did. Then she acts brands new saying
she wants to come to the mound with niggas to see about me, like I'm a
suburb GA boy. I'm South Jamaica nigga. Want drama? Stand in line. Its
nothing new. Its just sad.

Yeah, I meant every word I said, and I obviously didn't mean to post the
last name. I simply didn't realize it was there. But when she does the
same thing I did, and vents (in a "note" instead of a "blog") she gets
cosigned. Lmfao. Niggas have the most interesting thought process.
That's the same dumbass shit criminals do. They'll kill mad niggas just
because. But let one of their niggas get clapped, and all of a sudden
its wrong?

Its fucked (up) that niggas wanna cause drama over an opinion, like
you can't form one to rebuke it. You think I give a shit what a nigga
thinks about me? If what they say is wrong, then I respond in like, and
voice an opinion of my own. I never take shit to the next level, but I
will meet you at the level you take it to with overwhelming force. Piss

Oh, and as promised:

Betsy writes me and says I have shit way out of order in my blog, as far
as the quotes and that I was trying to make her look bad. The fact it
completely the opposite. For one thing, I took the quotes that were in
lined with my point and posted them. Second, they were actually in
REVERSE chronological order. That is, the 1st one was the most recent,
and I went back thru my inbox to the 1st thing you said. The reason it
That should be a big ass red flag for how you come across to some
people. Wtf? I mean, its me venting, so its a bit biased, but I don't
sure don't have to (or want to) put words in your mouth, switch shit
around, or take things way out of context to make you look bad. Shit.
You have a g1. If you want to, post the entire conversation. I
strategically picked things that not only, support the point I was
making, but retain most of the context from which they were originally
taken when read alone. Meaning, their just as fucked up, and keep the
same idea whether its just the quote or the whole conversation.

Get your write game up…..and your comprehension gave

And lastly, I didn't have a need to write about the fact that you kissed
me first (again….cause I wrote about that a while ago…..keep up). I
was VENTING. You'll notice that in my blog, I very seldom talk about the
good aspects of anything. I usually write because I've gained insight on
something, or because I'm pissed. Otherwise I don't feel the need to
write. Hence, if I'm venting why would I write about the good shit. You
say you've read my blog, and have gain insight, but you apparently,
you've yet to notice shit about me. I have over 100 posts; how many are
about good shit? Tighten up, my g. Tighten up…..

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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