Good old "nothing argument." New chick, Shay, who I'm feeling had a
nothing argument with me today. I know she's feeling me, cause she
thought of me….one of those, "I thought of you, so I'm saying 'hi'"
kinda thought of me's…..I think about her, too. We talk about
everything from ♪(music), to musical things, to things that have a lot
to do with music(lol). But its never boring. We do more cosigning each
other, than anything else. Cool peeps. She's smart(+), she likes my
musics lyrical value (double +), and ummmm……she's apparently really
girly(no points added……none taken away, either—well, maybe ½ a
point. Cause she's not so full of herself that if I say she's cute, she
won't blush….I think that's cute….and she says its cute that I let
her know I'm flattered by her flattery—my god we think alike).

Anyway, we seem to be on the same, if not compatible wave lengths, and
then comes the nothing fight. It was over whether or my house was gunna
be passed as she travel north to a destination. I was thinking way too
much, and since I didn't completely understand (….still don't….)
where she is (because southeast of something is just
that…..southeast), I based my statement off of something
ambiguous…..(never do that)…..and because I'm such a tech(and I'm
me) I didn't get what she didn't get(even though she got it,
apparently), and we ended a great 2+hours of convo arguing about
latitude and longitude. LMMFAO. And because I'm me, I realized it the
second it was done, and it tickled me. I'm still laughing, cause nothing
fights are so fucking funny (thanks Dane Cook….had you never said
anything, I wouldn't have known).

I thought all was lost, since I said "text me in the morning" and she
said "naw….I doubt it," but shorty is sending me my requested
picture(I think) as we speak, cause she asked me my
tmail……people….lol…..I like this one…..definitely a cool
friend to have…..wonder where this will go……

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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