I went to the blue ridge mountains/blood mountains/blairsville, ga on an
emergnecy call for work. The outlet that powers the cooling system for a
water fountain wasn't working. We all know how many complaints Home
Depot gets about lukewarm water, so he had to drop what we were doing to
drive for almost 3 hours. Took dumb long cause we took the scenic route
 there, by mistake. We get there, and use the rest room. Tim pissed,
I shat. He finished, went to the outlet, and walked back in to ask if I
was ready to leave. I said, "sure," ½ joking…..come to find out, it
was a tripped GCFI receptical……push a button, and we were
done……I love being an electrician -Music Lovers Unite!! Join Us. Its FREE!!!
I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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