(Venting) If….

…you let someone know you miss them (unprovoked), and they don't
return the favor, but you know they're capable of expressing how they
feel because they do/did it for other people (unprovoked), shouldn't
that be a major hint that they don't feel anywhere near the same way you

I'm so sick of feeling shit that others don't. I feel way to much, at
times. I mean, I keep my love locked down, most of the time, but when I
open up, I guess I leave too much out there. I see all the signs, but I
don't don't follow up on them appropriately. I see bitches all the time
that want nothing but sex, but I pretend I don't notice, sometimes. I
see bitches that just want me for what I can do for them, but I look the
other way. I see bitches that know how I really feel so they string me
along, and all I do is play it off. I'm so ill. So, so ill. I'm always
telling people around me how I feel, but I don't get the responses I
want, if I get one at all. Next time I say something, about how I'm
being treated, or how I feel, and I get nothing, or I get something
negative, I'm sinply walking away……….I'm not gunna dig for the
answer I want…..not gunna dig for an answer, period…….I'm not
gunna pretend I didn't get an answer……..I'm gunna just walk away
from it……and if you want me in your life, you'll have to come to me
and talk. I'm not gunna force myself on anyone anymore…….fuck that
shit……on my Zen Buddhist shit.

And so I'm clear, off the top of my head, this post is a shoe that fits
on atleast 4 people who have access to read it. I'm not singling any one
person out…..just the ♀s I know, apparently. And to the last chick I
piped, don't even bother calling me or texting me about this post.
Cause, surprisingly, you'll be the 1st to say something or ask me about
it. I don't wanna hear it…….officially on my Zen Buddhist shit.

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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