"I apologize/I’m sorry"

I feel like I'm getting old. My morals are based off of life experiences
(mostly because of an interpersonal relationship with this girl I know),
and they keep molding themselves into these values that are not too
unlike households from the 50's. Its weird.


I'll be man enough to say that shit hurts my feelings….even little
shit…..like not getting an apology. Believe it or not, an apology
means lots to me. It tells me so much about a person. It shows if our
values are in tandem; it shows if you care for the person; it shows how
"adult" you are. Most people know (right) from wrong. And some can
even discern "feeling (right)" from "being (right)." Shit, even
when you (feel that you) are (right), it takes a special person to
ATLEAST apologize for hurting the other party's feelings. Know when to

"When you're wrong, you're wrong….and when you're (right), you're

"I'm so tired of shit being "understood." Say it. Words mean shit. They
hold weight. They are important. Words are a message one wishes to
convey, and one's actions should be the vessel used to carry them into
fruition."—Nobi….(again……I can do this all day).

For me words mean a lot, but actions mean so much more. But, still,
words mean a lot.

Something as simple as telling someone "don't leave" your house, in an
effort to work things out, or even just sit there and be mad together
means so much more than, "Do what you want….Its (up) to you….If
you wanna leave, you know where the door is….You're grown."

Sigh….words……Zen blah blah blah…….(¬_¬)

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