I just realized….

….that I'm doing exactly what my mom said I was. I'm shitting on my
family for her. And its not cool. I don't mind really helping her or
being with her, but I don't wanna do it at the expense of family and

Tonight, I was late coming home……we fucked…..cool. I made that
choice. One quicky isn't all that big. But on the way out, she asks me
to make a choice….I didn't know what to choose….because my choice
chose what shed wear, I said, "pack both outfits"…..she didn't listen.
Of course she didn't listen. When it came  to going back to get the
"proper" outfit, I opted to rush and get it. Of course I opted to do
that. 40mins total. Did I mention my fam was waiting on me to lead them
somewhere….and they were 10 away. 20 mins would have been excusable,
but…..sigh……I  them hanging. Why? Because I didn't want this
girl moping around. And when I sit here and think about it…..its all
because of 2 reasons: #1 she doesn't fucking listen. She'll ask for a
solution, get it, and never do it….but STILL manage to get upset when
shit fails. #2 she won't open her fucking mouth…..she just assumes you
know……and STILL manages to get mad when she isn't done to the letter
(as per what she wants).

Never again.

And if she makes this choice the reason she doesn't wanna talk to me,
then so be it. That's petty, and I'm ridding petty out of people -or-
petty people…..whichever one works.

Never again.

I won't be held back, or slowed by another person if it isn't a
calculated risk. I won't leave anyone hanging unless its calculated.

And if I tell someone some shit, and they blatantly disregard what I
say, I'm letting them suffer. People need to fucking learn. I mean, if
I'm wrong, so be it—lets suffer together, or let me try to make 
for my mistake. But I'm sick of being , saying I told you so (mostly
I don't), and then getting my ass fucked  to save them.

Next time on Nobi's blog: my "I told you so" list.

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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