I’m just thinking about this shit, clearly

She doesn't like the fact that I don't trust her, even though she's the
entire reason for it.
She gets mad at me for being p'noid about the shit she does and says,
but its based on shit she did.

Yes, I'm definitely trying to forgive. And I've forgiven a lot of the
shit she's done…..one betrayal at a time. But I will never forget.
It'll always be on the back burner……

She gets mad that bring up the shit that's happened as my "excuse," so
to speak, for doing dumb shit like invading her privacy, but I'm never
trying to really excuse it (yes I am), but can anyone blame me?

And before you say, "find someone else so you won't have to worry
about," realize two things: 1) I don't want someone else, and 2) if I'm
with someone else, I'll be just as, if not more, paranoid. I don't know
this person. Atleast I know Alesia more.

So for her, or anyone else; you'll have to deal with a Nobi who has his
guard up. Don't know when I'll be ready to drop it again.

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I don't have friends and foes
I have family and enemies

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