Then she says, “you know you ruined it, right?”
What did I ruin? She doesn’t love me, she only loves what I can do for her.
And then, she doesn’t appreciate what I do for her.
She’s NEVER paid me back for shit, and it doesn’t look like she will.
She doesn’t want me. She lies to me like I’m dumb. Shes mad that I’ve logged into her shit to look at all the lies. She doesn’t encourage me to do anything unless its to help her out.

And it doesn’t matter if she does anything to betray my trust. It only matters that I betrayed her’s.

So why do I love her so much? Why am I so willing to throw my life away to make sure she’s straight?

Its all for the better.

I need change.

I set some goals. So I’m just gunna accomplish them. My Bday is a day for change this year.

I’m gone.

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