So I wrote this post, and the person I wrote it about this to say:

look i read your blog and i want you to know something. i called you a jerk and an asshole cuz you were acting like one. all you had to do was tell me it was you. i deleted your number cuz you told me it was off and hadn’t been on in a long time. it wasn’t that hard or complicated. so now i see how you really feel. you wanna act like you’re the victim all the time, maybe you need to take a look at yourself and see it its something you did. and by the way you didn’t even write out the whole story or maybe you don’t wanna accept the fact that you were being unreasonable for no reason

Now…Ive always encouraged for my blog’s comment section to be the open forum for my blogs……but more recently, Ive charged myself with trying to provide a more unbiased view in my blog by providing as much detail as possible with someone flags my posts.

So, along with her input, I’ll make the addition of these statements, and try to keep it as fact-full, and opinion-less as possible.

Here we go.
I called a girl, whom, apparently, without my knowledge, took a cue from a statement I made to delete my number, deleted my number. She responded to my text message questioning who I was. I responded, as I always do, with “forget it/don’t worry about it/nevermind.” She replied with, “delete my number,” which I agreed to do, and did. I later got another series of messages, much later, which led me to believe that she had, by now, realized who I was. She kept telling me how much of a jerk and asshole I was because I refused to divulge who I was. I kept saying that it shouldn’t matter if she deleted my number, especially since, by this point, we don’t even text each other anymore……Now…..hopefully Ive covered everything in the proper view.

Now for my comments in a separate space…..I was gunna leave this shit alone, but I got this message so far after the fact, it annoyed me. I think that I did a good job of not really arguing, if I can toot my own horn, but that’s because of one reason……I didn’t share my point of view…..Ive been getting hit with why I’m a jerk and an asshole because of “this this this and this,” and I was just like, “cool…I’ll be that…..wait….let me ask you why I’m the asshole”……I got more details and said, “ok.”

Anyone wanna know why I reacted the way I did?

Well, my relationship with this person was already a relationshit, so when “new” break downs in communication manifest themselves, I don’t get bent out of shape anymore. I figure(d) that if my number were deleted, it was done for a reason. And just trying to save trouble……Ill find out later…..and keep in mind, when ANYONE deletes my number, I just say “ok/forget it/nevermind” and for the same reason. If they aren’t interested, so be it. With this situation, I was just gunna let some time pass by, and hit her up on a different outlet of communication that we still use and inquire about it. And I STILL did that.

I think its odd that when I don’t talk, I get a verbal bludgeoning…..when I don’t bother to defend myself,I get a verbal thrashing…..I leave shit alone, and get shot a week later…….and noone asks my side……but, when I just voice my opinion upfront……..same shit……

sigh…..I’m learning that every battle isn’t worth fighting, and I should be choosing which ones to fight, but I just cant seem to choose the proper ones to engage in…..

I wonder……..Passive folks get shot down……..aggressive folks get shot down……passive-aggressive folks get shot up…..twice……decisions, decisions….

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