Lets try to get this correct the 1st time

I, once again, unprovoked, told someone how I felt, and we went thru the whole “this is why I do this/say this/act this way” conversation. So, I decided to sever ties. I kinda figured that I had been trying to get this person to pay me more attention for quite a while, and last time I did that (aag) it didn’t work to well…..wait……to feelingy…..more fact to come


So we’re done. I’m sad.

Feelings? Think she’s a pretender….just don’t know what she’s pretending anymore. She claims we don’t relate, or have anything to talk about, but that’s only when she refuses to talk to me. She’ll talk when she wants, and we have a great time. We chat for hours, and even flash each other, lol….guilty pleasure…..lol…..but really. She swears I don’t like her….but what else could it be? Its not sex. I stopped that….and ‘coincidentally’ she shied away a bit when I did. But still looked forward to her being in my life. I just can’t get lucky.

And she can never tell me what she wants, or what she’s interested in. I try to be what she wants, but she just isn’t interested (anymore), apparently. Time to quit……I hate quitting, but I’m not walking down the road of the non-quitting idiot again……thought I’d grow to love her, but was cut short…..deuces……

…..back to square one……Zen Budhist…..

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