New Blog

So, for a while, I was pondering…..uhhhh….contemplating a new blog. Not to say this one would end….or slow down…(more than it already has)…..I just needed something new. I started one for my group, but noone contributed, so I’m gunna change it.

The thing is, now, I have a theme for it. You see… many things piss me off, that I decided I’d write them. But not like in this one. The new blog will be just as personal, but less……uhhh…..whatever the fuck this is. It will be more relatable, and less about relationshits……yeah “shits”…..this is more of my life….the new one is more of life…..

So it was gunna be titled, “what grinds my gears,” cause I like family guy, and id love to do that…..but google exists, and I decided I wanna be discernable amongst the assholes who thought of it/did it first. So I was gunna post on all the social sites I use the most (facebook) to help me come up with a catchy phrase with good alliteration to use for my blogs title…..then I remembered that I’m creative……I write music… this shit should be easy……..speaking of shits: I was taking one at the time (you’ll see why it was worth stating in a sec)…….I thought, “ppl piss me off, and so do things……might as well ramble them in a list…..I need a catchy theme, not a catch-phrase.” So I was in the middle of my “black-guy-thinking-time”(taking a shit) and decided that this will be best titled as “Nobi’s Shit List.” And how did I make it themed, you ask? Well the extended metaphor sets the topic as being “what’s on the plate for today.” Of course, it’ll be some shit (not a pun) that I just can’t stomach (pun)……in hind sight, I might scrap the plate…..depends……new blog coming soon, though…..real soon.

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