Almost forgot about these assholes

Women (whom you’re interested in) who honestly and sincerely ask straight men shit like, “why are good niggas hard to find?”

Seriously?…….Seriously?……f’shizzle? Why would I know? I don’t go out loo……I’m not interested. Niggas don’t hold my attention. Iono. I could possible be the worst person to whom that question should be asked. Hasn’t Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Bob Saget…..fuck it, every comedian covered this topic? Just look for that shit.

And even worse when you’re interested, and HAVE SHOWN/EXPRESSED INTEREST. What kind of insensitive shit is that? You know what? That’s why. Because you do dumb shit like ask niggas who like you why you can’t find a good one. That’s got to be some of the most insulting shit to say in that situation, ya’ asshole.

You’re the reason you can’t find a nigga. Get out of your own way.

Piss off

P.s. Fyi, this did NOT happen to me recently. Just remembering shit that I can’t stomach.

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