Ooooooo….rude females

Rude females ages 18-26

Omg. My cousin was driving in the rain, and saw a female walking. Broad daylight, stops by her and asks if she wants an umbrella. She just didn’t even acknowledge that he existed. Wtf? Atleast say no. Anytime I say hello to a female and she’s rude, I laugh…..cause I immediately pity the bitch. If she goes along making snap judgements, or being rude to passersby, she must be surrounded by assholes. And I don’t want her in my company.

Sometimes I say hi, just because I see a pretty face. Not cause I wanna holla. Most of the time, I’m not even worried about your fucking number. I really do a lot of testing. I like to see that beautiful people have beautiful souls, but these bitches are overrunning the woman in 2009.


Man, you can tell a stuck up bitch her hair’s on fire, but she’ll burn to death before she acknowledges you…..prolly cause you aren’t peacocking…….sad.

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