Ever point at someone, and get this little gem:

Everytime you point at someone, you have 3 more fingers pointing back at you?

Omg…..the only thing that pisses me off more in that situation are the assholes who, in response:

Point all their fingers at the dipshit that said that dumb shit in the first place.

What type of shit is that? I mean, 3 fingers pointing back at you is inherently part of the pointing process. I mean….fuck!! Ok….its cool…..its not……its just fucking annoying. Even logically, it boggles the mind, because those aren’t the fingers any able bodied person uses to point…….unless you’re Jamaican…..lol…..or Eminem……or whatever.

And is that really the most original…..funniest……best response? Wtf? I can’t say anything about that……except…… fuck the phrase Cool beans.

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