Am I clingy? Cause if I am, I hope I don’t progress into:

People so clingy they associate a day without hearing from you with being ditched.

Sigh……Shanae Barnette, you’re being a bitch, and you need to fucking chill. I have no interest in fucking you (as I’ve told you before), but you have the nerve to tell me that I only want to talk to you when its beneficial to me. I’m curious as to what you fucking have to offer that benefits me…….period. Cause I haven’t seen shit in you that couldn’t get elsewhere….within 5 mins…..you’re not breaking bread….we aren’t fucking….your lips, hands and vag stay to themselves. So how have you really been anything more than space being taken up? Not even fucking space. I never see you……never…..you’re virtual space…….and that’s not even worth a damn until we reach star wars technology……..or until video chat is the standard…..among the hearing…….fuckin piss off

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