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Ooooooo….rude females

Rude females ages 18-26 Omg. My cousin was driving in the rain, and saw a female walking. Broad daylight, stops by her and asks if she wants an umbrella. She just didn’t even acknowledge that he existed. Wtf? Atleast say … Continue reading

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Fucking rap music

Hip hop…..and the artists who practice it I fucking hate the lyric-less mofos that have deals. I’ve never really wanted a deal, but shit is so bad, that I want one now….just to upstage these mofo’s lyrically….that and I wanna … Continue reading

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Almost forgot about these assholes

Women (whom you’re interested in) who honestly and sincerely ask straight men shit like, “why are good niggas hard to find?” Seriously?…….Seriously?……f’shizzle? Why would I know? I don’t go out loo……I’m not interested. Niggas don’t hold my attention. Iono. I … Continue reading

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And its official…..

The blog I just referred to in my last post just got its inaugural post. Enjoy.

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You know what pisses me off?

Females who know that they are gunna suck your dick, but act like they won’t. 1st on the shit list are these females who front. No guy thinks its cute to ‘convince’ a chick to do shit she already knows … Continue reading

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New Blog

So, for a while, I was pondering…..uhhhh….contemplating a new blog. Not to say this one would end….or slow down…(more than it already has)…..I just needed something new. I started one for my group, but noone contributed, so I’m gunna change … Continue reading

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Lets try to get this correct the 1st time

I, once again, unprovoked, told someone how I felt, and we went thru the whole “this is why I do this/say this/act this way” conversation. So, I decided to sever ties. I kinda figured that I had been trying to … Continue reading

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